How does mmm nigeria work

MAKE YOUR MONEY GROW 30% PER MONTHYou see... MMM is not an Mlm business, it’s not a hyip, a company, an investment, or financial institution.MMM is a mutual network, where people provide money (help) directly to each other in automatic private offices via internet with growing help index called Mavro. This is how it worksSo let's say for instance you provide help of 100k today, at the end of the month you are entitled to earn your100k + your 30% which makes it = 130 thousand nairaCollectable at the end of the month.You will also be given registration bonus $20 on N17k and above, $50 on N500k and $100 on N1,000,000 and above. All together collectable at the end of the month.You can register through this link: http://nigeria-mmm.net/?i=ejiro.erubure@gmail.comWhatsapp: 08108825755

Right from our birth, you were  taught  that the only way to financial success in life was hard work ,you were made to do your assignments, go to school even when  you don’t feel like, those who were not so fortunate had to sell in the streets to put food on the table, pay their fees and  get other basic amenities of life. Later on in life we got to notice that even hard work is not a guarantee for success and the  words  “IF NA BY HARD WORK TRUCK PUSHER NAIM FOR BE THE RICHEST MAN “ become known to  all.
The society of the day lays so much emphasis on hard work in the    public but at closed doors we know what happens, bribery and corruption is what give you what you want.
MMM is a society of mutual helpers or should I say help mate?  Where those who have spare funds give these to those in critical needs. In actuality we know the world today you can hardly borrow funds today rom even close friends without them asking for securities ,if not even interest on return.
MMM which was formed by a group of 3 passionate individuals, noticed this issue and came up with an idea to solve the problem, the thought of a way of making the hearts of people willing and merry to help others. They  thought of a situation where by when you help someone today, you (mr A) are given a minimum of 30% increase in the funds you helped mr B today with by mr C, and as mr C has helped mr B with the interest and principal put into by mr B,mr C is in turn helped by mr D with 30% increase in his funds and the process continues.

Let me explain
 James registered with mmm with 20,000 and this funds was given to kelvin who is in need.At the end of the month, the total amount withdraw able by  james becomes :-
30% of 20,000 + 20,000=6000+20000=26000.
This amount is visible in the account balance menu of James (marvo) at the end of the month and if James desire to use this funds for any reason  ,he would request by demanding an help(GET HELP)
And this funds will be paid into the bank account James added upon registration.I know you would want to ask, by who? This funds will be paid by other users willing to help ,and it takes a maximum of 48hrs in most time less for this funds to land in the account of Mr James. And this individual just took the place of mr James as an helper and Mr James took the place of mr kelvin as the one to be helped .Now the cycle starts again 26,000 is paid to Mr James and the depositors gets:-
26,000+30% of 26,000=26000+7800=33,800
Now this amount will be visible in the account/marvo of the depositor’s account in 30days (1 month) and  will be withdraw able upon request. All he needs do is click on GET HELP  and a user willing to render help pays the full amount into his account within 48hrs.This is what goes on. MMM doesn’t handle your funds,its users like you that gets them and you get the funds of others as well upon request.
Are there any risk
The answer is yes. The only risk is you being faithful to the process. If you promise to help a user and you do not ,your account gets suspended. This is the only risk.
Also you may ask of risks like:-
What if after lending and I wish to get my money back(GET HELP) and the user assigned to help me fails to? Then another user will be assigned to hep you after the expiration of 48 and the defaulting user’s account will be suspended.
Why will his/her account be suspended? This is to ensure that only trust worthy users get to be in the mmm community. If such are allowed, the process won’t be reliable and it will posse a lot of risk to other users thus the account are suspended.      
How will I get to know the person to help me and how will they get my account  details?
Mmm provide your phone contact and bank details to the user assigned to help you and should you want to help, the same thing applies.
So instead of keeping your money in the bank help someone with it and get the principal and 30% interest added to it in 30days.
 What are you waiting for? Help someone now or should I rather say invest your spare money

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