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If you have a question like,"HOW CAN I MAKE MONEY ONLINE FROM MY BLOG/WEBSITE?.then this is for you

ways to money online with your website/blog

*Bidvertiser is one of the highest paying alternative to Google Adsence.They pay as high as $0.5/CLICK and as low as $0.01/click on normal cicks.But trust me up wouldn't regret working with them.They have also a referrer program that allows you to earn as much as those you refer earn without affecting their earning though.You could refer both publishers and advertiser alike.

What Bidvertiser Looks for In a site they are to Approve

1.First of all,Bidvertiser just like any business,is profit oriented.So they look for sites that are able to deliver.What i mean by deliver is that the site has to have a good traffic profile.Cause troffic is what they need to make it as the Advertiser want people who would through Bidvertiser's publishers click on their products and buy,as the case may be.
2.Bidvertiser is after how well built your site is,that is to say how friendly is your site to users mobile,desktop etc as the case might be,as this will determine how much users will on a later date want visit your site again.So you can start by creating a site that not just has contents but that has contents that the users would love and appreciate.

3.Thirdly,Bidvertiser looks into the number of contents you have in your here to apply

Infolinks Affiliate Network
Infolinks is an affiliate market company,that provides a chance to beginners in the affiliate market to excel,their requirement for approval is quite simple, what they look for is as much content as possible.They advertise using the texts you have in your pages/blog posts and set some banners on the sides of your pages/blog posts.They are loving and quite beneficial also.They give pay per click of $0.01 and above value which depends on your visitors IP address.If you are a starter,I suggest you start/or have tried many companies before and they have turned you down i suggest you try infolinks.TO apply click here

Google Adsence is the top of the pick.It's got the highest pay per click that I have seen,in fact its the boss.Like the saying,nothing good comes easy,google adsence hardly gives approval to sites.Before you apply,it is usually mandatory that your website/blog be at least 6 months old,and that you have at least 20 pages with good contents of relevance,and that each content be at least 100 words per post/page on most occasion,but if not,then you might need more than 100 pages,it seems they have a formula for that,i think.To apply click here


 Nigeria and the world today has reached the zenith in e-commerce and online wealth creation. But only a handful of Nigerians are aware of the secrete to a profitable and genuine income online. The few who are privilege to know a bit of these secretes are confused to be scammers. There are more than a thousand ways to getting a steady flow of income from online business and we shall be looking into a couple of them briefly.

1. Freelancing
Freelancing involves rendering services such as article writing, website design ,facebook page design ,online advertisement through mobile number  sales etc.,graphics and video attestation to clients online. Clients can be found either on freelance outsourcing sites
(fiverr ,Elance, Freelancer, etc.) or via social medias on  online forums and blogs. Payments from clients depends on bargains, which in turn depends on the nature of job you are to do.

2. Information marketing
Information marketing involves knowing what a higher population of your niche desire and getting the information packed into an e-books, e-courses, or videos, and selling it online to people who are eager to have it. E-books are the commonest forms of information products. Videos  lecture are also gaining a high demand recently.

3. Affiliate marketing
 Affiliate marketers get paid for promotions.They use a medium such as a blog or Youtube videos highly sorted to give audience to certain products and services over the net. The original owners of these products or services pays directly or via a third party like google adsence , buzzcity , jumia, who they are registered with.Most of these third parties use cookies feed to the browsers to enable each user to be directed to the information or services they would most likely prefer.Have you ever wondered why some particular adverts seems to be pursuing you where ever you go,like online betting,clothes etc? This is because you are always visit sporting and betting sites,or fashion site as the case may be. Each time a new customer referred by the affiliate marketer completes a purchase, he earns a percentage of the amount  as a marketer. The earning could be  fixed  or a specified percentage of the sale amount.Aside purchase ,just a click can earn you something.

4. Blogging
Also a growing and most assured way  to earn money online is to set up a blog or website,best interactive, which is  simple to start with say blogger  or wordpress. You need certain things to be successful in blogging ,to start you need a good design,a great SEO search engine optimization etc.The best advice is to focus on a few set of topics perhas on celebrity gist ,education, fashion  that are closely matted as this will tend to bring a faithful  audience. As the blog is promoted and updated frequently with new posts, it will attract
More visitors and build a loyal audience over time. After this is achieved  , you can then monetize your blog and start earning with it.

4. E-commerce
This involves taking you physical product onnet.You may own a boutique or a phone shop.Do you know you can actually display your product online and make people scattered around the globe,see what you have and order for your products?.That I believe was how jumia ,konga and others started,you too can do same.All you need is the right knowledge on how to start,and you are good to go.
This information you just read is a summary of what we have in stock.Get the book and get information on over 20 ways to make money online with step by step guide.We advise you choose a maximum of FOUR out of the numbers for better result. We have attached screenshots to enable you have a visual image of the process even as you read through. This is the updated version, as we got a feedback last year from our clients on how the few pictures we added aided their understanding,they are already financially independent of their employers,thus we want to make sure you have the best of understanding and start getting your own share of the cake as soon as you can bite. The internet is a very large market that no amount  of competition can put your earning to a standstill.
Other areas we dogged into the book includes
3.Online surveys
4.Get Paid for searching the web( )
5.Social Investment Networks( )
6. Review websites & apps for (
7.Mobile phone recycling
8.Low charge importation(start with as little as #50,000 Nigeria naira)
9.Review music for money
10.Buy and sell domain names( etc this made me $425 this year from just 5 sales  )
11.YouTube videos
12.Network marketing(this is similar to referral networks ,but far more lucrative. You will
learn more from the book)
13. Source property for wealthy investors(you can get persons willing to start up a business in Nigeria and get them a land to start with and help them with procedures for getting legal documents,who knows you could even become a co-owner.)
14. slicethepie
15.Fiverr in details(how to earn more from Nigeria)
16.Minning of bitcoins and dogecoins.

To get your own copy of the book
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