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Latest GLO Browsing Cheat 3 Months Unlimited Browsing tweak -UPDATED



After so much time we are pleased to inform you our clients that we in our unending bid to giving you the best ,has discovered a windows into an even cheaper browsing experience for our mobile users this year.
glo free browsing cheat

What is this glo free browsing cheat like:

Glo channel is an offer to browse for three months exclusively free as a way of testing the suitability of glo data plans back then in 2009 but is actually unknown by users but we have discovered it. In a bid to allow customers know the suitability of glo data plans, glo allows users to have 3 months free trial,in this period you browse unlimited on your mobile device if you subscribe to the mobile pack. you are not allowed to use it on your desktop or Laptop device If this is discovered you will loose the offer,so make sure to abide to this.
To activate this you would have to travel back In time, but we at unisolution have discovered the mystery behind it. This is a technology that backdates your mobile device and out writes the manufacturers time of production this, the whole process is quite difficult to explain but we can get it all done for you all you need do is send  your glo Nigeria mobile  number and the world trial eg(081000000,trail) to 08119205322 and we will give you a between 1hr and 1 day trail.

If  you wish to get this offer of 3 months unlimited browsing experience

 Pay the sum of #1500 naira only to either of the below accounts

First Bank:

Account Name:Erubure Ejiro David

Account number:3064813649

Access Bank:

Account Name: Erubure Ejiro David

Account Number:0697025669


  send a text message in this format MOBILE NUMBER(MUST BE GLO),PHONE TYPE(NOKIA,INFINIX ETC) And Teller Number  to 08119205322

And your mobile number will be activated in 15mins.More to come


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