davidan scholarship shortlist and pin 2016

davidan scholarship shortlist and pin 2016

Davidan foundation has started giving out pins.To enhance your preparation get your Davidan scholarship past questions and answers.

HOW TO GET YOUR OWN COPY OF DAVIDAN FOUNDATIONN SCHOLARSHIP PAST QUESTIONS PDF Make a payment of #1500 naira only into any of the following accounts.

Account name:Erubure Ejiro David 

Account number:3064813649 


Account name:Erubure Ejiro David 

Account number:0697025669 

After payment please send the following details to enable us send you your purchased muste scholarship past questions and answers

 1.Name(should be same as that used during payment) 


 2.DAVIDAN PAST QUESTION(just add this as we have a bulk of other scholarship past questions we sell aside DAVIDAN foundation scholarship past questions.We have them as pdf) 

 3.Email Adress.(We will send the purchased muste past questions in pdf to your mail from which you can either print of use with your phone or pc.) 

send these details to 08108825755.You can call us between 8:00am - 5:00pm daily monday to sunday. we which you success and hope to here your testimony as well from we all at unisolution-uniben. 

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