If you have a question like,"HOW CAN I MAKE MONEY ONLINE FROM MY BLOG/WEBSITE?.then this is for you

ways to money online with your website/blog

*Bidvertiser is one of the highest paying alternative to Google Adsence.They pay as high as $0.5/CLICK and as low as $0.01/click on normal cicks.But trust me up wouldn't regret working with them.They have also a referrer program that allows you to earn as much as those you refer earn without affecting their earning though.You could refer both publishers and advertiser alike.

What Bidvertiser Looks for In a site they are to Approve

1.First of all,Bidvertiser just like any business,is profit oriented.So they look for sites that are able to deliver.What i mean by deliver is that the site has to have a good traffic profile.Cause troffic is what they need to make it as the Advertiser want people who would through Bidvertiser's publishers click on their products and buy,as the case may be.
2.Bidvertiser is after how well built your site is,that is to say how friendly is your site to users mobile,desktop etc as the case might be,as this will determine how much users will on a later date want visit your site again.So you can start by creating a site that not just has contents but that has contents that the users would love and appreciate.

3.Thirdly,Bidvertiser looks into the number of contents you have in your site.click here to apply

Infolinks Affiliate Network
Infolinks is an affiliate market company,that provides a chance to beginners in the affiliate market to excel,their requirement for approval is quite simple, what they look for is as much content as possible.They advertise using the texts you have in your pages/blog posts and set some banners on the sides of your pages/blog posts.They are loving and quite beneficial also.They give pay per click of $0.01 and above value which depends on your visitors IP address.If you are a starter,I suggest you start/or have tried many companies before and they have turned you down i suggest you try infolinks.TO apply click here

Google Adsence is the top of the pick.It's got the highest pay per click that I have seen,in fact its the boss.Like the saying,nothing good comes easy,google adsence hardly gives approval to sites.Before you apply,it is usually mandatory that your website/blog be at least 6 months old,and that you have at least 20 pages with good contents of relevance,and that each content be at least 100 words per post/page on most occasion,but if not,then you might need more than 100 pages,it seems they have a formula for that,i think.To apply click here

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