Saadat scholarship 2016/2017

Saadat scholarship 2016/2017

3.Saadat scholarship:
closing Date March 20th 

Applications are currently ongoing for the Eighth (8th) SAADAT GRANT Scholarship Scheme and all interested "Health care students" are invited to apply. Annually, Saadat Grant Scholarship Scheme under the office of SAADAT GRANT FOUNDATION award scholarships to deserving students in the tertiary institutions of developing countries. The programme is aimed at promoting academic excellence and quality health development in these Countries. This is one of the the many ways SGF demonstrates its commitment to the educational development of students from developing countries. This is part of SGF’s rich Corporate Social Responsibility.This scholarship scheme has been successfully carried out over the years. The Eighth(8th) Edition is due and this web portal is dedicated to receiving applications from eligible undergraduates from developing countries. Application Forms are available here and must be completed online. Applications will close on May 20, 2016. Selection tests will hold on 27th May 2016 on an external test provider site worldwide, this link would be communicated to selected candidates only. Candidates will fully bear the cost of interview on the test provider's site as no reimbursement shall be made. Candidates are therefore advised to obtain their Pre-Registration e-Pin (PReP) from the examiner (ClassMarker) at least three (3) days before the online test. Failure to do so in time would trigger a DISQUALIFICATION CLAUSE..

The management of Saadat Grant Foundation cordially invites applicants from the following qualified disciplines to her 8th Saadat's Grant Scholarship Scheme.

Agricultural Science and related discipline.
Basic Medical Sciences (Paramedical Sciences e.g. Nursing,Physiology e.t.c).
Chemistry and related Education Courses.
Nursing and Midwifery
Pharmacy and related Discipline.
Other Health Sciences.
Veterinary Medicine.
Applicants who show interest in SAADAT's GRANT must understand that it is privileged of them to get considered for the application/grant and that the management is not on any obligation to award anyone. It should also be understood that it is not the right of any applicant to be awarded but this grant is borne out of the humanitarian and charitable gesture of Mr. Hassan Saadat Yazdi.
Interested applicants may please review the eligibility criteria for candidature below before proceeding to apply.


Applicant must be a national of third world or developing countries.
Applicant must be a student in any of the aforementioned discipline highlighted above in a third world country or foreign country.
Applicant must show proof of admission in their institution when considered.
Applicant must show proof of Nationality in a developing country.
Applicant who has been admitted into a foreign country for either an Undergraduate or Post-Graduate Study must show proof of admission
Applicant must be at least 15 years and at most 27 years of age at the time of application.
Post-Graduate Applicants must not be less than 27 years of age at the time of application.
Applicant must not be a current awardee of SAADAT GRANT SCHOLARSHIP SCHEME or any of her sister grant organisation. N.B. Anyone found would be disqualified and would have to forfeit his previous grant offer.

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