Getting admission in Nigeria today has become a battle which some students has fought for years without victory.Some have taken Jamb for years without any success and this has made those from a well to do home go abroad for study, with those students  who lack the necessary financial backup to be left frustrated and hopeless of the situation.

    The Nigerian academic state is gradually depreciating with institutions of higher learning like the college of education,college of technology, polytechnics and monotechnic left to depreciate without the necessary financial support as they give to universities.This has made the Federal and State universities to be highly ranked by admission seekers as they see them as the only place they can get the best academic background.They see polytechnics and college of education as a waist of time and effort as even after graduating from them,polytechnics and college of educations, the still have not obtained the necessary certificate tagged  the FIRST DEGREE.This is due to the fact that the certificate awarded are of less value compared to that awarded by  universities.This has made most admission seeker to want   nothing else but getting a university admission.They are not making totally a wrong decision,as all humans want the best that life can provide.We shall be running through  a couple of hints that over time we have seen has helped students get an easy admission into the university with a single trial.

Jamb always is the first phase in getting admission in Nigeria universities.It is like the first filter the government use to scrap off a large portion of admission seekers each year.This is due to lack of sufficient institutions to absorb them.So if you will be getting an admission this year you will have to hit your first target,which is scoring high in jamb. The joint admission matriculation board ,Jamb has helped the issue by making public the area of concentration for each course area,and this is sufficient to making a good score if candidates would be diligent enough to study with the brochure as a guide.This is what many students has neglected that others has used to beat them in the game of getting admission easily in Nigeria.Studying for jamb is different from studying for waec (West Africa Examination Council) even though they are related.Also the examination you are studying for,should tell you what aspect to build upon.Jamb examiners do not allow the use of calculators ,thus if you are doing a calculation course in jamb,you are expected to be practicing without the aid of calculators before hand.So study in accordance with what you expect to face.A weight lifter expecting to lift a 500kg load cant practice with 100kg load except he has plans to change prior to the contest. 

jamb cutoff mark for various universities -uniben,unilag etc
You must be aware that life is all about the survival of the fittest.Even animals battle for food clothing and shelter,we as human ,we battle for position,possession and everything possible.Getting a University admission in Nigeria is not an exception.With the number of growing admission seekers each year without a corresponding increase in the number of institutions of higher learning to absorb them,getting admission in Nigeria is becoming more and more competitive each year.So this is the first point we shall touch.
  There are certain courses peculiar to certain universities that has a high number of applicant each year,courses like medicine and surgery, courses like Engineering,law and accounting.These courses are highly competitive,and if you are going to be applying for them,you should be intellectually prepared to beat the large crowd.So we advice that if you are the type that just want to be educated,go for a less competitive course and this will give you a big edge over others.There are some new departments and faculties that N.U.C(Nigeria University Commission) approves each year,so its your duty to find thess out and do yourself good by applying for these courses as many candidates wont,due to lak of awareness of their very existence. 

Nigerian universities  usually apply tribalism in setting the post utme cutoff marks for candidates from different regions.With candidates from Local government regions around the University's Situation having the least cutoff marks.Thus if you are from Benin city,the best university to be choosing is Uniben ,if you are from Calabar,Cross River think of Unical and viz versa. 
Also in choosing Universities,it is good you know their Jamb cutoff marks as this will help you suit you application to the right institutions,a list of Universities accepting below 200 in jamb are here
Some universities has not gotten approval by N.U.C to admit students for certain courses,and you applying for these courses is like wasting  your chance with these institutions as they would admit you,but you wont have the right to use your certificate until the institution gets approval by N.U.C.There is not stipulated time this will take,so make research. We advice you inquire every step of the way.

Passing Jamb is just a step in your race of securing an admission in the 2016/2017 academic session.There is more to it.You need to pass your post utme examination  to the best you can possibly.All Nigerian University has a definite pattern of setting their post utme examination.Thus it is write you get your post utme examination past questions for your choice institution ,get your post utme past questions here.This will help you  a long way as to knowing what is expected of you to study  and the nature of questions to expect.It is also advantageous as most Universities consistently repeat their post  utme questions year upon year,thus getting the post utme past questions and answers could be seen as getting the questions you will be tested with before hand.So take advantage of that.Get your post utme past questions and study with it,don't miss this simple trick,what you over look is what makes others better than you.There are certain books from which post utme questions are coined from for most institutions like for the University of Benin,Uniben, Dandy Book of English is were a bulk of their passages come from.And for those students applying for Social science related courses like law,political science etc,try and get Nigerian People and culture,it is a popular gst book in the University of Benin,Benin city.If you cant lay your hands on it,you can send use a mail using the form below and we will get back to you.Add your phone number for faster reply.

Going to polytechnics ,isn't  really a bad choice as to every disadvantage there is an advantage attached.Going to the polytechnic doesn't stop you from getting a university admission, in fact it  helps and eases the dream to come true.Do you know that some persons has spent over 3 years writing jamb? what if they went into a polytechnic initially? it takes just two years to get an OND, ordinary national diploma.If you had an OND you can attack from two points in the game of getting a university admission.You can apply with jamb and apply as a direct entry student at same time with your OND ,if one does not get you a university admission,the other would probably will.

In pursuing  a goal in life,one boaster is having people with similar goals around you.A goal of getting a University Admission is not different.Get the right company especially those that are more sound academically than you are.So keep the right company.As when you are down they would be there to motivate you to stand up on your feet,note,there should be time for play and time to be serious. Give more time to your primary goal,which is getting a university admission  anyway.
Thanks for reading and we hope it helped you.
NOTE:What we wrote was based on statistical data collected by our Group and are not 100% all true.But to a great extent following every point and with  discipline in place,You are sure to getting an admission this year 2016/2017.congratulations in advance from we at 

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