total scholarship examination past questions and answers 2015/2016


Total Elf scholarship application has began and the examination is just around the conner .And the total scholarship is not something joke with.It is worth #150,000 yearly and requires a CGPA of 3.0 on a scale of 5.0 for renewal for payment by Total yearly.The Total scholarship is awarded yearly to over 500 students,Nigeria undergraduates from all approved  universities in Nigeria.The total scholarship is written yearly in most of these schools and there is no need for a candidate traveling for the Total Scholarship examination.Success in the Etf/total scholarship examination is highly dependent on fore preparation as the questions are very different from that,that must other scholarships like  muste scholarship  and others do set.We advice you to secure the recent total scholarship past questions as there is a 100% possibility of you meeting most of the total scholarship past questions again in the forth coming examination.The below is the format of some total past questions and answers set in the total scholarship examination/aptitude tests.The questions cut across science and the arts.The questions are the basics of current affairs,art,science and commerce.

related muste scholarship past questions 

              Sample Total Scholarship Examination Past Questions

Samples of Total Undergraduate National Merit Scholarship Exam/ Aptitude test Questions
Here are a few things I will spell out that may show up  in this year’s Total Scholarship exam
1. various documents used different transport systems such as Bill of
Lading, bill of sight, consignment note etc, search for MORE
2. A check by the bank on itself is known as……….. Bank draft,
also look for meaning of Direct debit, certified check, credit
3. When did Nigeria export her first crude oil…. the answer is 1958…..
4 If R:S = 4:5, Find 5R, please someone should solve that in 60 secs
and give us the answer
5. Why the removal of fuel subsidy
6. If a/(a+b) = 37/40 Find a/(a-b) ,,,,
7. If m=0 then (m-m)/(m+m)=?
8. where was the first petro-chemical industry established    (a)kaduna (b)ph (c)lagos (d)warri

Sample of Total Scholarship Logical Reasoning Questions
Six people, Alan, Betty, Charles, David, Elmer, and Faith. Compete in a cooking contest at the country fair.
Their finishing positions at the contest are as follows:
Alan  finishes neither first nor last
Betty finishes ahead of both Charles and David
Elmer finishes in third place 
12. Which of the following is a complete and accurate list of all contestants who could finished first?
(a)   Betty or Elmer
(b)   Betty or Faith
(c)   Betty, Charles, or David
(d)  Betty, Charles, or Faith
(e)   Betty, Charles, David.
14. Which of the following could be the finishing order?
(a) Betty, Faith< Elmer, Alan, David, Charles
(b) Betty, Elmer, Charles, David, Alan, Faith
(c) Alan, Faith, Elmer, Betty, Charles, David
(d)Faith, Charles, Elmer, Betty, Alan, David
(e) Betty, Faith, Elmer, Charles, David.
How many minutes did you spend trying to get the answer, but there is a secret and Pattern you will observe as you practice over 23 different logical reasoning questions in our Past questions and Answers.
This Total Scholarship Past Questions and Answers is what you need to win this year’s Total Scholarship Award. The application has began and the dealine for application for the total scholarship 2015 examination is the 22nd of november 2015.

HOW TO GET YOUR OWN COPY OF TOTAL SCHOLARSHIP PAST QUESTIONS PDF Make a payment of #1500 naira only into any of the following accounts.

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After payment please send the following details to enable us send you your purchased muste scholarship past questions and answers

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send these details to 08108825755.You can call us between 8:00am - 5:00pm daily monday to sunday. we which you success and hope to here your testimony as well from we all at unisolution-uniben. 

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